Sunday, 6 November 2016

Progress Sunday 6th November 2016

Dear all,

Very quiet on site today but not surprising given the cold temperatures that we're not yet used to.

Most of the activity was in the engineerium surrounding the PW Bubble car and the Derby Lightweight power car. The former had the south end cab filled and sanded before a coat of undercoat was applied. This is the culmination of around 6 months work which has seen all of the top hat section replaced around the dome, the dome itself refurbished and the bottom supports and skin repaired. It's not pristine but as a departmental vehicle it will look presentable. The latter, in the meantime, had the EP valve boxes overhauled ready for refitting.

Derek and Dan continued on the BSK but found it quite chilly even when there wasn't any showers.

The Catering Department popped in to prepare for tomorrow's charter.