Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Progress Tuesday 25th October 2016

Hi all

Although temperatures have dropped a little the hours when the sun was out were quite warm and being School half term the passenger loadings were above average. A coach party which travelled from Duffield helped to increase the coffers
The PWay team prepared the entrance at Shottle for the delivery of Oddingley Signalbox tomorrow. This involved removing vegetation to our tight site entrance. On returning to Wirksworth they continued re sleepering road 2
The Steam team prepared Barclay Henry Ellison for a boiler washout and the wheels carrying Cathryn's frame were oiled ready for it's lift Monday ontoit's wheels
Met Camm 50170 received part of it's B exam prior to becoming Santa's Grotto
The My Test track business hosted two RRV's for 1530 testing in Wirksworth Yard
A very busy day and thanks to all concerned