Sunday, 9 October 2016

Progress Sunday 9th October 2016

Dear all,

Yet again Sunday was busier than Saturday with satisfying loadings on all three trains today. Not record breaking numbers by any stretch but most satisfactory for October. Quite a few visitors today were travelling on vouchers issued by a well known internet site which is great because it proves they are doing their job! Indeed, this also helps out the buffet which also had a very strong day's trading assisted by some bikers dropping in on their way through the town.

Down the yard, the Class 33 had it's speedo remedied and work continued on stripping the underframe of the Derby Lightweight power car. The PW Bubble had the north end cab assessed for which bit of metal to repair first following the removal of the fibreglass dome yesterday.

Something was occurring on the Duke to keep Tim busy all day but you'll have to excuse my ignorance. Perhaps he'll pop up and fill you in!