Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Progress Wednesday 21st September 2016

Dear all
The main activity was the reconnection of "Road 3" at Wirksworth which will be a rather unusual alignment. The north part of the work lines the track where the planned steam locomotive ash and wash out pit will be located and the south part ensures that when we are ready to move the Pullmans to a new location they can be accessed. This is all part of the Grand Plan!
Welcome roof repairs were carried out to the Conference Room complex which, apart from its more general use, is a vital part of the offer. The dmu team loaded the components of the new Duffield counter into the "Bubble Car" for transport to Duffield tomorrow in addition to their many maintenance tasks.
Derek and Dan continued with their refurbishment of the BSK(K), brake second corridor with kitchen, threatening to start replacing the seating in one compartment.
Nathan manned the Wirksworth Booking Hall and when I was departing was engaged in a detailed discussion with a potential 2017 customer.
PS - we have some quite critical vacancies over the next few days:-
1    An extra pair of hands to do the gates on Friday night's Dining Train and assist generally given that the entire journey will be in darkness
2    A third man for the Duffield services Saturday and Sunday
Is their no end to the videos? No!
A brief look at the present day Buxton Station
The restoration of tram services adjacent to the late lamented Manchester Central Station
I don't know how I pack it all in!