Thursday, 22 September 2016

Progress Thursday 22nd September 2016

Dear all
Quite a busy day with the "Bubble Car" operating our services with the train crew ably supported by the Booking Halls at Duffield and Wirksworth, the Pullman Buffet and EVRA shop. Network Rail's contractors were conducting bridge examinations working north of Hazelwood and a customer conducted a site inspection prior to commencement of activity next Tuesday.
Roof repairs continued on the Conference Room block and the Permanent Way Team approached the end of their massive, for us, track relay and alignment. The photo shows the white gold that had been deposited to pack the new pointwork. Derek and Dan continued with the BSK(K) refurbishment and our resident Blackpool tram was tended to by a boffin.
The greatest accolade of the day must go to our catering team who were subject of an unannounced visit by the Food Hygiene Inspector. He acknowledged the great efforts that had been made to keep standards high and for the first time he inspected the kitchen within the BSK(K). Apart from insisting that the work surfaces in the Pullman Buffet be renewed this winter he was content!It is of great credit that the Company can rely on Eric and the team to deliver this most satisfactory result. Very well done!
PS - the Wirksworth Station Car Park will provide some of the capacity needed for the funeral of Mia Aycliffe-Chung tomorrow afternoon. She was the young lady murdered in Australia whilst back packing and their is likely to be a significant turnout.
PPS - nearly at the end of the Manchester Metrolink - here is Piccadilly Gardens and Mosley Street for you:-