Friday, 2 September 2016

Progress Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd September 2016

Dear all,

Yesterday the 'bubble', fresh back after it's vacuum cylinder change, handled the services in what turned out to the quietest day of the week. Perhaps everyone was spent up after the Bank Holiday!

The PW team have spent the last two days constructing the new turn out which replaces the double slip which they have removed. It is starting to look much better already but will probably be a few more days yet before traffic can travel over it.

Yesterday the DMU team fixed an issue with an engine on 51188 where it was idling too low meaning it cut out far too readily and also repaired the fan drive on 51505 so both cars are back to full health. Today, the apprentice topped the coolant levels up and cleaned out the interior of the 3-car ready for tomorrow evenings Tunes and Chips, which is fully booked. This is after, of course, he watered the dining set for this evenings Soirée.

Today we hosted a Bronze Drive a Diesel experience which was enjoyed by all. This doubled up as a tour for the new MD of our friends at East Midlands Trains who enjoyed a luncheon in the Pullman at Wirksworth. We have some space on a Drive a Diesel experience next Friday which has been discounted online at if anyone fancies a cheeky drive!