Thursday, 15 September 2016

Progress Thursday 15th September 2016

Dear all,

Another unusually warm and sunny day for September which saw our service well loaded with passengers, including a slightly surprise party. Not sure who was more surprised, us or them! Anyway, thanks to Eric and the Catering team who postponed a trip to the wholesalers to get supplies for this weekend's Birmingham University visit and dining train to put on 11 on-spec Afternoon Teas. 

Down the yard, the PW continued to bring the new turn out in to use including making sure the area is fit for the University students to work in this weekend, moving redundant materials around etc.

53599 which is in for routine examination had some underframe components cleaned and vehicles were shunted ready for the weekend's operation.

It is great to see so many messages of condolence to Owen following John's surprise passing yesterday. Thank you to everybody who has pulled together to cover the duties that he would have been covering over the coming week. It is times like that that you realise how much one person does for the enterprise. He will be very sadly missed.