Saturday, 17 September 2016

Progress Report Saturday 17th September 2016

Dear All,

Another busy Saturday at Derbyshire's favourite branch line. The steam crew admirably coped with two, 2 hour footplate experiences which were thoroughly enjoyed by the participants. Our DMU crew were a man short today and grateful thanks to John Rhead who undertook the roles of train guard, crossing gate keeper and train ticket inspector. A great example to young and old of multi-tasking and dedication. Additional thanks to Dave Hurb who undertook third man duties for the last two Duffield trains.

The two car DMU started misbehaving with a problematic brake calliper on the 13.12 Duffield to Wirksworth service but thanks to our duty quick fix fitters Jack and Jo we were able to substitute the units with the 'bubble' railcar without any adverse effects upon the timetable.

Down the yard some forty six students from Birmingham University commenced a track laying project. (picture attached) Grateful thanks to Tim Oakes for facilitating this exercise at short notice. The LMSCA were gainfully employed fitting window seals to the BSK . Supporting the train service today was the the model railway and EVRA shop with June looking after the Bric-a-brack sale in the training room. Eric and Helen Hills looked after our hungry students as well as passengers and Neil Ferguson-Lee could be found assisting with the evening catering arrangements for the students. It would be remiss of me not to mention the booking hall staff today who helped ensure our customers were greeted with a friendly face and informed what our wonderful railway has to offer.

Finally Owen Evans popped into the buffet and created a memorial display in memory of his dad. (picture attached)  There was an air of sadness today as we as a group of volunteers realised what a valuable contribution John gave to the railway on days like today. Both man and contribution that will be sorely missed.