Thursday, 4 August 2016

Progress Thursday 4th August 2016

Dear all,

Sunshine and heavy showers saw it be the quietest day of the week on the trains, which actually follows the same pattern as last week. This is unusual because last season it was Wednesday which was the quieter. What's changed? The timetable is three trains on a Wednesday, could it be that?

It is very much what we hope will be the calm before the storm though as it is our Diesel Gala this weekend. The lads were down the yard setting everything up which involved making up a 3 car DMU that can be hauled as a second set of coaches, cleaned out and also made sure the maroon rake was marshaled correctly and watered. The car for the incline was positioned. Amongst all of this, the shed was shunted to allow for more space for the PW 'bubble' as Iris needs to be quite far up the pit whilst it's faulty vacuum cylinder is overhauled and fitted. This enabled Faraday to go into the shed so that work can begin on welding new steel, specially cut by Twiggs in Matlock, into the cab end to replace that which is crash damaged (damaged long before it arrived here I might add).

Other things for the weekend were prepared too, including printing timetables and posters etc.