Thursday, 25 August 2016

Progress Thursday 25th August 2016

Dear all,

The last running day before the 1950s Bank Holiday Weekend saw wet and dull conditions, yet it was still strangely warm. Passenger numbers were broadly on a par with yesterday despite yesterday being the three train diagram and today being the four.

Down the yard, the PW gang firmly connected up and fettled the new plain line section where the northern half of the double slip stood last week. Next week will see the southern half of the double slip lifted and removed, which they hope won't be so complicated because it isn't encased in roadway.

The DMU team replaced some missing alternator belts on 51188 and then turned their attention to shunter LJ Breeze which is having some maintenance now it is back at Wirksworth. It has been living down the line for several months. Iris continued to be fettled to connect up the stop solonoid to the new fuel pump fitted yesterday, all part of ensuring the vehicle is fit for service to star at the Dean Forest Railway's DMU Gala in a couple of weeks time.

Work took place at the southern extremity too, with contractors starting work to insulate the roof area of the new Booking Office at Duffield. We have chosen to have the apex insulated to help keep heat down in the summer and keep it in during the winter. The insulation will then be over boarded with matching wood so it gives the appearance as though it is the outside roof and the rather nice apex feature remains in tact. Once this has been completed, it paves the way for the wiring for the lighting to be installed.