Thursday, 18 August 2016

Progress Thursday 18th August 2016

Dear all,

A busy and warm day at Wirksworth with the visiting Class 20 still proving popular with our visitors. It is nice to see visitors sitting out in the new platform picnic area enjoying a bite to eat and taking in the atmosphere.

The PW team are working here at the moment, wrestling with the removal of the more than life-expired double slip. They really have struggled and it has taken three days just to dig it out of the road way, free off the bolts and then lift it out of the way. The plan is to put a standard turnout in to what will eventually become the steam shed but this will be slightly further along from the area pictured (behind the camera), with plain line going in here. At least work can begin next week on putting in the new track.

Also of a lifting theme, a crane was contracted in to lift the No.2 end of 55006 so that the vacuum cylinder could be replaced. A refurbished one was to hand which enabled the up, out, in and down maneuver to be done in just 1 hour and 20 minutes! All of the brake rigging was connected back up this afternoon and a test run up and down the car park siding proved satisfactory, although a better test will be done before the vehicle goes back in to traffic.