Friday, 5 August 2016

Progress Friday 5th August 2016

Dear all,

No fewer than four different MyTestTrack customers on site today so we've had the platforms measured, accidents mocked up, rails ground and not to mention the tram too. Quite a good day to do it to when the railway would otherwise be doing nothing.

Down the yard, the refurbished vacuum cylinder was hung back on Iris along with all of the associated brake rigging. It was then run up and tested successfully! Work continued on the PW Bubble with a really rotten patch of steel in the roof at the front on No.2 side being cut away and new being welded in place. Speaking of welding, Faraday had the old bent bottom portion of the cab cut away and the new steel which was delivered the other day welded in. A process which involved cleaning up the underlying structure before hand.

Final preparations were made for the weekend including toilet cleaning, a three ton (exaggeration perhaps) delivery of Oxford Diecast models and bin emptying. The Information Room had the loose paint scraped off it and the bare underneath primed.