Friday, 26 August 2016

Progress Friday 26th August 2016

Hi all,

Another lovely sunny day in the Gem of the Peak. Lots of activity in the platform 1 picnic area/event space today as the remainder of the event for this weekend was set up. It's like gazebo city round there at the moment. Also the space was used this afternoon for a Santa meeting. Yes, the big man in red is making presents already even though you're still on your summer holiday!

Derek and Dan managed to get two veneer panels reinstalled in to the BSK which is good and the Apprentice went round and filled up all of the coolant and oil reserves for the DMUs. The Sussex Fitter (Caravan Division) sorted out a buzzer fault on the 119 and also repaired the wiper on the 108.

There'll be no Narrow Gauge this weekend as Lesley the Lister has been hired out by the Steeple Grange Railway for an event!