Friday, 6 May 2016

Progress Thursday 5th and Friday 6th May 2016

Dear all,

It has been a pair of gloriously warm days in stark contrast to just a week ago. This has enabled Mk1 26157 to have a coat of varnish no problem and come out of the shed for vacuum cylinder repairs. Preparations for next weeks DMU Gala continued too with some mechanical bits and bobs as well as bodyside washing.

The PW team managed to finish off most of their affairs in the Hazelwood area. This has been a project to move a rail joint from on top of a culvert outside the former station building and relay the track in the process.

A meeting of Duffield Booking Office clerk's was held at Duffield in the sunshine yesterday to talk about progress and bring everybody up to date.

We hosted two MyTestTrack customers yesterday testing their respective vehicles with success.