Thursday, 26 May 2016

Progress Thursday 26th May 2016

Dear all,

Today we hosted a group of retired people from Leicestershire who took a tea in the Pullman and a return to Duffield on 55006. They were very complementary about the whole set up and whilst they admired our trains, we admired their luxury brand new coach.

The PW team were sleeper changing at Barnsley Lane and took a brief rest to let the charter past.

There was a hive of activity at Wirksworth in preparation for the Teddy Bears Weekend ( The Cooke family positioned bears and put up gazebos and Ben tidied no end of rubbish from the back end of the car park ready for the Carnival. Sleepers were rearranged in neat piles, porta potties were removed, trailers stored properly and all sorts. The BSK kitchen was also prepared for it's role as a burger van this weekend. Yet another new trial but one which could be great, especially when it's very busy during Carnival time on Monday.