Thursday, 19 May 2016

Progress Thursday 19th May 2016

Dear all,

It always amazes our MyTestTrack customers when they see the level of activity at Wirksworth. They're surprised a preserved railway has so much going on. Today we had three MyTestTrack customers on site all doing their various bits and bobs. The tamper that's on test managed 2000 meters today apparently which is about 1.2 ish miles in real length, with it's attention mostly around the Bournebrook Avenue/Rolands Crossing area.

At Wirksworth, the throttle motors were cleaned and reset on one of the Met-Camms and some shunting was done, of course.

The Commercial Dept had a meeting at the iPro Stadium this morning followed by starting to plan the Diesel Weekend in August. Promises to be a great event! Actually, Teddy Bears came up as well.