Friday, 20 May 2016

Progress Friday 20th May 2016

Dear all,

Friday! Today saw the completion of the tamper testing with it making a fairly early run down to Duffield to do round the curve there before coming back to Wirksworth to be loaded onto the flat bed for transporting. After this, Tony and Mick went back down the line and marked up several paint marker can fulls of sleepers for changing (OK not quite that many but some).

The duty fitter prepared and fuelled the trains for service over the coming week or so and also repositioned the 33.

It was good to see a strong team of Station Foremen back today (I say strong referring merely to the fact that there was a good number of them). They're often unsung heroes doing the jobs that people often don't even think about, such as changing the broken toilet roll holder in the ladies or fitting a new toilet seat in the gents. They also fitted the new station clock on Platform 1 which happens to be double sided so you can see it walking down Platform 1 whichever side you happen to be walking down.  They also repaired the office facia behind one of the platform lamps because the hole in the wood was found to be too inviting for wasps last season!

The Catering Manager recharged his hotline after it was nearly flat under the weight of Afternoon Tea bookings.