Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Supplementary Tuesday 12th April 2016

Dear all
It was a delight to see the Permanent Way Team re-erect our flagpole at Wirksworth and test drive the Royal Standard which have in preparation for future events. The history of this flagpole bears telling as its donor operated a flagpole manufacturing company at Ravenstor. During the cutting and burning phase in preparation for the Ravenstor line an enraged MD of the flagpole company descended on the Office saying that all the smoke from the fires was filling his factory. After being harangued for some time the said MD went away and, on reflection, felt he had overreacted offering to provide us with a splendid flagpole which we gratefully accepted. He subsequently sold his company and the building is now part of Harrington Generators.
The accompanying video was taken en route to Rod's funeral, which had a goodly contingent of Railway folk, and shows more stone than we could cope with in an eternity!