Sunday, 3 April 2016

Progress Sunday 3rd April 2016

Dear all,

The end of what has been a most pleasant weekend on the trains. Yesterday was pretty busy despite the early morning monsoon, but today surpassed it somewhat. All three trains on the Blue Timetable had good loadings today but the credit goes to the buffet as their feet didn't touch the ground. A late booking yesterday for 16 Full English Breakfasts came as a little late surprise, but having risen slightly before serving today they pulled out all of the stops to ensure the customers had a great time. 

Very few others on site with the majority of the work centering on the PW Bubble. Another large patch of steel was welded in on the No.1 side and finishing work was undertaken on two patches done last week which couldn't be finished due to the weather being poor. The vehicle is outside at the moment so the best has to be made of any sunshine. 

Quite a good day and start to the month!