Friday, 1 April 2016

Progress Friday 1st April 2016

Dear all,

I suppose people would be expecting some sort of prank or other but there isn't one! Today we hosted another of our popular Drive a Diesel Day experiences with four happy participants firstly driving the two car Met-Camm unit followed by the Class 25 in the afternoon. They were also suitably fed by the buffet.

The station team were out in force tidying and beginning a small tarting up of the exterior of the Gents. A new door was hung a few weeks ago and this has now been glossed along with some of the rest of the exterior. A poster board was also put up so that visitors who happen to be sitting on our picnic tables haven't got far to go to look at the train times. An investigation into the condition of the foot gate at the bottom of the platform ramp on Platform 1 revealed that its basically beyond repair and will need replacing.

Work progressed on the miniature railway with much of the bank being cut back and dug away to provide a good 'loading gauge'. Some interesting artifacts were discovered including a small horse shoe and even a Golden Wonder crisp packet with the price of 5d written on it.

A duo continued with the repaint of No.3 down at the steam facility and wiring/bodywork progress was made on the BSK in the shed. 

It isn't always a glamorous photograph... Today it's of the Gents!