Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Progress Wednesday 30th March 2016

Dear all,
I woke up in the night wondering whether I had confused in "ejector" with my "injector" but as nobody had made comment, or had no interest, I will try not to have a disturbed night tonight.
Today saw a three round trip service which was quite well supported and I am grateful to the train crew, Booking Halls at Wirksworth and Duffield, the Pullman Buffet Car and the EVRA Shop for entertaining today's visitors.
The Gents toilet at Wirksworth received some sealant to try and resolve a long term problem with leaks and there was an LMSCA presence to move on the renovation of their Mark 1 BSK which is a vital part of this year's Tuesday Afternoon Tea Trains. There was also a lone dmu maintenance engineer who also prepared today's service train ensuring all went well.
The PWT applied their dark art to the loose crossing nose on the Wash Green crossover and their activities are illustrated. The rest of the team continued with resleepering between Hazelwood and Duffield. It is of tremendous credit to them that some 320 sleepers have been replaced on our worst section. When you think that each sleeper, sourced from a supplier as preowned, represents some £18 of investment to be supported by new ballast at some £20 a tonne you can see where our funds go to keep the show, literally, on the road.
Can not go without a little footage for Class 66 enthusiasts -