Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Progress Tuesday 1st March 2016

Dear all
Firstly an apology if you get two of these, if you don't the apology is withdrawn.
The first day of March saw a piece of history consigned to a new location. The former Booking Hall, that was second hand when we bought it, moved after many years of faithful service revealing a new vista that will show our wares to the intending visitors to very good effect. The area exposed will be surfaced and the VCT will work their magic on the creation of Midland Railway style fencing to add an appropriate finish.
Today's service with railcar "Iris" was quiet but washed its face financially with the train crew supported by the Booking Halls at Wirksworth and Duffield together with the Pullman Buffet and Model Railway. The second of two accommodation bogies arrived for the LMSCA which will allow their Mark 1 SK to be temporarily placed upon them while the Commonweath bogies presently underneath the vehicle are refurbished.
The DST reported that Henry Ellison had been reassembled ready for the 2016 season and boiler inspection next week and the LMSCA tended to their BTO in between assisting the Booking Hall move.
Fred and Iris made the Mess Hall at fit place again but it is akin to the fabled Forth Bridge repainting project.
PS - The delta junction on Sheffield Supertram is annexed for your delight