Friday, 4 March 2016

Progress Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th March 2016

Dear all,

Yesterday, whilst some of the PW continued with the repairs to the track, some of the team were at Duffield assisting with the project to put up the new Booking Office at Duffield. I am really excited about the progress there in just a few days although I gather that the concrete base which used to have a mobile phone mast on it was some of the hardest concrete known to man. The introduction of a new facility at Duffield really will make a great difference to our enterprise. Incidentally, the EVRA secretary reported today that they are about £2,000 short of their full target needed for the materials for the project so if anybody would like to contribute, however small, then get in touch!

The DMU team shunted the yard so that everything was back in it's rightful place after vehicles were moved out of the way for the movement of the old Booking Office. One may wonder why the vehicles around the Maintenance Facility have anything to do with the old Booking Office cabin but it's because it has gone for reuse as a warm empty space. Very useful for leaving panels of wood to dry when they've been varnished or painted. It'll want some repair work first but at least it's in position.

This morning the WyvernRail board met in the basement of Wyvern Towers. Someone once said that the jacuzzi was on the 54th floor and there was a revolving restaurant ran by the Catering Department on the top floor… Actually, Wyvern Towers doesn't exist and the meeting was actually held in the Pullman.

This afternoon we ran a Double Gloucester Experience for a few people in the snow. No, this isn't a cheese tasting experience, it is actually a DMU driving experience featuring two vehicles built at Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon works. Not sure there's many railways that can run a double Gloucester DMU, especially one of different classes!

It is important to say that whilst all of the expansion going on at the moment is quite remarkable, it does leave us quite short of volunteers in some areas. In particular the Wirksworth Booking Office is very short at the moment so if we can tempt you with a lovely new office which has climate control (well thermostatic heating anyway) then let us know. Also short is the position of Third Man which is primarily doing the gates and checking tickets. This is quite an active role but does open up opportunities to becoming Guard and potentially even a Driver, so it's definitely the start for budding operational staff. There's always a need for people in any area so any help is appreciated. We have a dedicated Volunteer Liaison Officer called John Ball who can help you through the induction process and with any training you need provided, there's no previous experience needed!