Thursday, 31 March 2016

Progress Thursday 31st March 2016

Hi all,

Isn't it weird the way things go. Today, the final day of March, was the warmest and sunniest of the holidays yet but was also the quietest. Having said that, the ratio of retail to tickets was good today! It's also twice this week Duffield have beaten Wirksworth on ticket sales. We can't be having that otherwise they'll be wanting a new office... oh wait, they are getting a lovely new office! The team were down there making some final adjustments ready for the fitters to come and start erecting it next week. No, in all seriousness it is great that customers are using both ends of the line to join us. Wirksworth is starting to look much better too as the picnic benches have now all been arranged with the parasols out. Picture attached.

Down the yard, Dan and Derek continued to prepare the BSK for painting after the major bodywork repairs that have been done. Picture also attached. The DMU team fixed a few issues including a wiper motor control on 50170 and the second mans seat in the 119. The blue two car was also put together to give the 119 a break after 6 days of solid service.

Painting continued on No.3 in the steam facility too.

The PW team met at Shottle to continue their quest of fishplate greasing and spot resleepering.