Thursday, 24 March 2016

Progress Thursday 24th March 2016

Dear all,

The weather turned just in time for Easter although we might get a nice day tomorrow. Don't let the damp weather put you off sampling the activities over the weekend though!

First thing this morning the new Duffield Booking Office came on an articulated lorry from Holland which has been procured by a firm near Hazelwood. Strange how things are. Anyway, it was a funky lorry with a forklift hitch hiking on the back which was quite cool and it also meant that it took about 5 minutes to put onto the Sturgeon before the driver sampled an English coffee and got on his way. Then the maintenance team pulled the wagon out of the car park and proceeded to fuel and prepare the trains for the weekend. Photo to illustrate attached.

This afternoon the platform tarmac men came and set about making good the two patches where the former Booking Office cabin sat and the old garden area. It is good to have these done by Easter, even if the edging fence isn't. A work in progress photo was snapped before it actually went dark!

Some work was carried out on the Miniature Railway this afternoon as well as the BSK in the shed.