Friday, 11 March 2016

Progress Friday 11th March 2016

Dear all,

Finally, some warmth! This brought about a frenzy of activity, particularly in the station area at Wirksworth, as we prepare for our first event of the season this weekend. Some signage was moved around first of all, followed by an investigation of what is required to repair (sorry, replace) the rotten crossing gate of the Platform 1 foot crossing. Alot of work took place on the replacement door for the Gents because fitting locks and handles all takes time. Some welding work took place on the wheel tappers interactive display to ensure they weren't going to avalanche out of position too.

A trail Ecclesbourne Breakfast was cooked off in the Pullman ready for tomorrow (you have to have a trial, naturally) as we're doing one off big breakfasts this weekend.

We hosted a Drive a DMU Day which was very successful. It also achieved a few things, including shunting at Duffield necessary to facilitate the running round procedures this weekend.

Last thing, the locomotive's were positioned and 33103 received a body wash after the drag on the mainline from Dartmoor to Burton made it a little messy to say the least.