Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Progress Tuesday 12th January 2016

I all
Who would have thought the early heavy rain would have changed to a lovely sunny day, not roasting but pleasant which allowed our construction team to move forward with new booking office ramp. It is really taking shape
EVRA received the newly upholstered seats for the CK and prepared their sales shop floor for a coat of paint
The Dream Steam Team continued preparing Barclay No 3 for its repaint and Kathryn's team no doubt will advise you of their exact achievements, not able to visit them myself
The DMU duo swapped the BSK and their stores coach to opposite sides of the maintenance facility. Not an easy task with LJ Breeze being stabled at Shottle for the winter period.
The PWay team had a large turnout and managed a good number of sleeper changes
All for now
Mike Evans