Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Progress Tuesday 13th October 2015

Dear all
A day that started cold and then became quite pleasant as we welcomed a pleasing number of passengers including a group of 40 who also sampled lunch in the Pullman. The service operated supported by the Booking Halls at Wirksworth and Duffield, the EVRA Shop and our catering team.
The dmu team tended to the Class 119, recharged the batteries on the "Bubble Car" and had a general tidy up. The PWT declared Taylor's Siding fit for use after another session of jacking and packing. The DST cleaned Henry Ellison for the upcoming Model Railway Weekend and continued to winterise No3.
The LMSCA in all its various forms continued with the refurbishment of a Grampus as illustrated, commenced stripping out four compartments of the BSK prior to renewal and achieved a new sliding door runner system on their BTO. This vehicle is benefiting from a faux tongue and grove effect as the Guards area is minimised to maximise the seating area. This again is rather poorly illustrated given the constraints of space! However, their plans for this and possibly the TO to have 2 + 1 seating will deliver some handsome dinning vehicles.
I have two offerings for you. One shows the new New Street, sparkly on top but dismal below and the second shows an hairy Lisbon tram route from some years ago