Friday, 7 August 2015

Progress Friday 7th August 2015

Dear all,

A peaceful sunny day in the Gem of the Peak with the sound of the tweeting birds only broken by the toilet team cutting tiles. Most of the tiling is now done and the new electric hand drier has been fitted.

The DMU team did a Fuel Point pit stop on 50170 and cleaned it ready for service tomorrow. The EVRA SK had further work done on the vacuum braking system.

Today's photo shows Station Foremen Martin and Stuart repairing a platform trolley...on a trolley! I nearly got a picture of our Infrastructure Manager sitting on a chair having a cup of tea in the Gents before resuming the tiling but I wasn't quick enough!

The rest of the PW gang were fettling the new point work and Rodney mowed the lawn at Duffield.