Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Progress 4th July 2015

Hi all
The second week of Diesel hauled traction kept all the departments very busy. Lets hope the numbers continue for the next two days !!
The Infrastructure head man and David Newby continued the refurbishment of the Gents toilet whilst the other half of the PWay team continued fettling the new point on the pit road
The lower end of the car park saw EVRA's SK surrounded by vacuum parts removed by Dan in an effort to finally put an end to its braking problems. Next to the SK, 50170 received an engine change by the DMU duo
The DST were seen applying more gloss to Catherines under frame and examining No 3 after its weekend work on the Incline. Our two steam locos will be working on the Incline to the end of September. 
Bye for now