Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Progress Wednesday 29th July 2015

Dear all,

I have been asked to report on today's goings on as Mike has a prior engagement.

Today was somewhat steadier than yesterday but still good for a Wednesday with all services being ably handled by 33103 "Swordfish". The scale running of a diesel locomotive in the midweek is very much an experiment but so far has proved reasonable with quite a few people taking the bait. If nothing else, it has given the DMU Fitter chance to cure the electrical issue on 51505 and put that back in to traffic, after the cause of the fault was discovered yesterday.

The P Way team worked on the turnout to the new shed road once again and this projectlette is coming on leaps and bounds. A couple of members were purloined for the commencement of the refurbishment project of the Wirksworth Gents Toilets. Of course normally P normally stands for Permanent but in this case it could mean something else! The refurbishment will be a major improvement and will help make the facilities satisfactory until one of the floors of Wyvern Towers can be converted into something more permanent going forward.

Lining out of the EVRA SK was carried out in the Engineerium and we look forward to the introduction of this vehicle to traffic soon.

Derek did the washing up....