Thursday, 9 July 2015

Progress Thursday 9th July 2015

Dear all,

After the excitements of the last few days today was much more down to earth. We've been very busy of the last few days and today was a bit more sedate on the passenger numbers, but it did allow some catch up to be done. The keen-eyed amongst you, or perhaps those who prefer it to the television, will have noticed that the webcams were offline for about 24 hours this week due to a network fault. After exhausting internal spares it was necessary to get man with fusion splicer in to reterminate the connections before any sort of attempt at getting it all back working could be made. Seems to be holding steady just now!

Back to today and much admin catch up was made as the network fault took up much time and diverted attention away from other things.

The DMU fitters attended to both the B examination on 51073 and also the rebuilding of a spare engine which should be destined for 50170 reasonably soon.

We welcomed one of our regular test customers who were out and about in the yard with two different coloured road/rail vehicles.

Upon noticing an armada of lorries heading down the B5023 this morning, it reminded me of the impending delivery of reclaim track materials. It has been a mammoth task but is now nearing the end!