Thursday, 16 July 2015

Progress Thursday 16th July 2014

Hi all
The Service was busy today with people standing on the 1115 from Duffield. Although we had one pre booked party on the 1415 from Wirksworth a Minibus from Chesterfield with ten people of  varying disabilities arrived for the 1015 from Wirksworth
Thanks to Brian Billing  for taking a days Holiday to cover Third man duties 
Dan was seen repairing a couple of picnic tables which have been removed from the picnic area and relocated to Platform 2 and Platform 1.
The DMU group, which amounted to six today, spent most of the day shunting the Maintenance Facility to transfer the EVRA SK to the East side for Gloss painting. Vac Tests were done on the SK but further work is required before it can enter traffic
All for now
Mike Evans