Friday, 24 July 2015

Progress Friday 24th July 2015

Dear all,

Officially it's John's turn to do a report but as he didn't roll up until after midday I thought I would chip in. Actually, to be fair, he was booking on for this evening's Shottle Soiree dining train. Tonight is the final one of six Friday evenings. They have been a steep learning curve and have put a great demand on all involved but the customer feedback has been excellent. Plans are now afoot for a "one night only" Soiree later in the year.

Team Tait spent all day setting up for the wedding reception party of Kaye and Matthew who are travelling from Duffield to Shottle. I'm not posting any photos here though as they may see!

The LMS Patriot project erected their gazebo for tomorrow's Royal British Legion Day which added to activities too.

Graham and Chris ably hosted four Drive a Diesel guests today. Feedback was excellent and the staff were commended by the customers for their knowledge and demeanour. The Catering Dept provided lunches inbetween baking tonights tarts.

The rain held off so Dan was able to progress with his resurrection of the picnic benches so they're nice for the customers.

Further progress on the B Exam of 51073 was made with many items ticked off the list today. Just need the PW gang to put the point in now so it can come off the pit. Actually, they were there working hard on it today and they've done amazing work already as the components only arrived last week!

Is that it? I dunno...