Sunday, 26 July 2015

Daily report Saturday 25 July 2015

A very busy day at the railway as final preparations were made to the 3 car which was to form part of the 14.15 service and then  transport our wedding party from Duffield to Shottle on the 15.15.
Iris and the 122 Bubble car formed the main stay of todays service until Iris decided not play and failed to form part of the 14.15 service but in true form our quick fix fitters Leigh Mike Ben Joe and Rob were soon sorting out the electrical fault and by close of play had it fixed .
The station Played host to the Royal British Legion and Patriot group who are building the locomotive to be named the Unknown warrior.
Down the yard the Dmu group worked renovating  50253 .
The 8f group ere busy drilling out the top stays out on the Duke with Tim Oaks.
Derek was kept very  busy washing all the pots from the last nights successful Dining train with yet more very happy passengers congratulating the train crew .
The Pullman Buffet was open and fairly busy as well as the model and miniature railways.
Another good day was had by our passengers which is all done to you working hard my thanks to you all.

All the best

J Evans