Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Supplementary Tuesday 16th June 2015

Dear all
Today's photos show the "Bubble Car" glowing with all the attention lavished upon it prior to its departure tomorrow to take a star role at the Llangollen Railway this weekend. It is a tremendous tribute to all the team who have lavished so much care on the vehicle. I am promised that the destination blinds will reflect its current home! Also shown is "Fred" of Fred and Iris fame who, between them, have cleansed our Mess Hall and refreshed our planters over many years - unsung heroes!
Lastly, in the office handover to the new Managing Director an "old" photo was found showing the late, unlamented, Ennis Coaches with Phil's troublesome Freelander at an early stage in our development.
Inevitably there is a video short for you from the site of the canal aqueduct site at Sawmills. Difficult to imagine the Cromford canal soaring above the Midland Main Line and road but one day it might be recreated!