Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Progress Wednesday 24th June 2015

Hi all
The weather was kind to us again today. Two warm days together in this Country is quite something !!
The second day of our 1950's Event saw once again a Jazz band on platform 2 and 1950's clothing
The PWay team split into three groups. One cementing the crack in Duffield tunnel, one continuing lining the Fuel point walls and the other oiling and greasing all the ground frames and point work at Shottle.
The DMU Group spent the day uncoupling all the units available to produce a new three car set for this evenings Murder Mystery land cruise.
55006 returned from its short holiday in Wales, but two cars at Barnsley Lane decided to argue with its trailer and then on entering our main gate the rear steering failed blocking the entrance for a short time
                                                                          All for now
                                                                                     Mike Evans