Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Progress Tuesday 30th June 2015

Hi all
One of the warmest days of the Year brought the crowds out and the Booking Office tills ringing. We entertained a school party of 27 which meant our 1415 Tea Train required an extra coach. Thanks go to Bob Gibbons and Dan Smith who covered third man for the for the first two trains. I do not normally mention names but it is good see groups pulling together to keep the services running
The DST continued replacing the new running plate on Catherine
Iris received an A exam having covered extra mileage while 55006 was on holiday
The PWay team continued with the base for the new tank in the fuelling point, leaving the concreting till a cooler day. The pot holes in the car park have been filled in with quarry waste which will harden when damp. Please keep the speed down when driving on the approach road. Thanks to Doug for this task.
Rodney worked North of Duffield Tunnel cutting back the offending vegetation
                                                         Bye for now
                                                                  Mike Evans