Friday, 12 June 2015

Fwd: Progress Friday 12th June 2015

Dear all,

A day which started sunny and warm is now looking like there might be some storms on the horizon.

Anyway, it stayed dry for our 4 Drive a Diesel experience guests who sampled a 101/108 hybrid in the morning followed by 33103 this afternoon. Lunch was provided by Ann in the buffet and the two Johns played host.

A small team of PWay guys continued building the new bund wall down the yard.

Foreman Stuart spent most of the day repairing a station gate which was showing signs of rot, whilst Foremen Brian and Martin continued working on the new Wirksworth Booking Office. The attached photograph shows progress so far and whilst it is not yet a finished product it shows great developments on what will eventually be the 'front desk' serving positions for the Booking Office Clerk.

EVRA did a spot of light painting on the wooden rails that lead up to the shop and also the replacement handrail for the lamp van which had gone rotten.

The Booking Office continued to deal with bookings with the first Shottle Soiree evening just one week away. Some work on forthcoming advertising was also done as well as work to get the music system for the 1950s playing Que Sera Sera and not Jingle Bells. Speaking of Jingle Bells, yes Santa did come up today for about half hour...