Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Progress Wednesday 11th March 2015

Dear all,

Well it didnt rain as much as they said and it worked to the advantage of the PWay team until the Komatsu threw a hissy fit. Many with part coming tomorrow apparently. Anyway, they're doing pretty well with laying the new siding down the side of the shed which will eventually be largely covered over by an additional area being built on to the side on the current shed. It is hoped that in the future, all fund depending of course, we can concrete this area with a solid base and use it for lifting vehicles. A lifting area is of paramount important for working on bogies and wheelsets.

Excitement returned to the PWay team shortly after though as we welcomed a couple of chappies from Lesmac. They have very generously donated us a rail mounted…erm..thing which will prove very useful for the mandatory track inspections that have to be carried out. It is has a basic frame with four little rail wheels on, two seats and a little 6.5bhp Honda engine similar to a boat. I have included a picture so that you can see it for yourselves. It was originally tested here around five years ago and has been in Scotland ever since. However, now surplus to their requirements they remembered their days here testing fondly and decided to donate it to us.

Work continued on the Wirksworth Wall project in the car park and the LMSCA were scratching their heads with the BSK project, wondering how best to get thick layers of paint from the old ceiling panels so that they could be painted nice and smooth to match the new panels they're putting in.

I am also happy to report that it seems as though the road/rail Lorry has been given a new lease of life. Originally thought to have a blown cylinder head gasket, it actually turned out to be an easier solution. A crack had formed in the coolant header tank which caused an airlock to form in the coolant system.

The steam team took Henry Ellison out for a little test run today after passing the annual boiler exam yesterday. They're reporting all is good for the new season. The Ravenstor line will be steam operated over the forthcoming Mixed Traction Weekend.

Team Rodney spent the day riddling soil to get the good stone out of it to fill some potholes at Duffield.

The Booking Office had a good day taking various bookings for parties and the like.

The second photo for today is a 'now' version of the photo that Martin sent out yesterday. So much in such a short space of time!