Thursday, 12 March 2015

Progress Wednesday 11th March 2014.

Hi All
Today we hosted 5 members of Virgins Control Offices on a
Driving Experience.They experienced working Ground Frames and placing
protection for failed trains.On the Big railway that's 1.25 Miles !!
The PWT continued removal of spoil to enable our third shed
road to be laid.This project will enable our volunteers to work in a
warm and dry shed repairing our road/rail vehicles besides coaches.
Both the LMSCA and EVRA coach teams seemed to be having a
ceiling day.
The DMU Group spent the morning moving units ready for next
week and worked on 50599 to try and complete its C Exam.
The Duffield riddler produced some good topsoil for flower
planters and ballast for the Car Park.
Easter will soon be with us and anyone wishing to donate
Prizes for our Easter weekend Prize draw will be most welcome.Please
leave in Booking Office.

All the best

Mike Evans