Saturday, 7 March 2015

Progress Saturday 7th March 2014.

Hi All
The warmest day of the year lured the visitors to our
Railway.The 11,15 from Duffield had 63 passengers (55006 has 65 seats )
and the last train had 50.Lets hope the numbers continue.The service
was supported by the Pullman Buffet,model railway and EVRA shop.
Both the LMSCA and 8F group had Teams in Attendance.The lone
DST member painted the buffer beam on Henry Ellison.
The DMU Group fitted new batteries to LJB,successfully
fitted new gearbox to 50599,painted coat of gloss to one side of 50253
and moved PWay Bubble forward for its repaint.
Rodney removed vegetation form Duffield Station Area.
Thanks go to Staff who came to the rescue at the last
minute to cover essential vacancies.

All the best

Mike Evans.