Monday, 9 March 2015

Progress Monday 9th March 2015

Dear all,

I woke up to glorious sunshine this morning but it soon descended back to winter.

The VCT didn't have high hopes of doing much vegetation clearance today but 4 men managed some good clearance around the MP134 area. They simply dodged the rain by tripping to Duffield for some lunch!

Whilst the M1M worked on installing the side parts to the seats in one of their coaches the LMSCA were hard at it again with the BSK kitchen project. There's some serious hard work (and expenditure) going in to this project to make on train afternoon tea and the Shottle Soirée Friday evenings possible. The team are doing near 7 days straight each week and report that there's only 69 days until the crunch point. The brake end of the BSK takes up approximately half the coach. This area has been divided up further with 2/3 of it on the way to becoming a kitchen area. The remaining third will be for disabled passengers. The kitchen will be fully fitted with a mixture of 240v electric appliances running from an inverter and 12v lighting in the form of LEDs. It seems that the electrical facilities can be powered by a simple mains socket on the exterior of the coach when the train is waiting between journeys and this doubles up to charge up the on board batteries. There will be a small water boiler powered by gas similar to a caravan, which will have to be fitted by a registered fitter. I did poddle on down for a photograph but it was very dark and difficult to photograph so it will have to wait I'm afraid.

Contractors continued working on the car park wall rebuild too.

The Booking Office dealt with the usual enquiries and took a Day with a Train Driver experience booking too.

You'll have to settle for a beautiful photograph taken by Tom Tait during the brief tropics on Saturday (slight exaggeration but it was nice) through the front windows of the service train.