Monday, 30 March 2015

Progress Monday 30th March 2015

Dear all,

A much nicer day than predicted until the end, which enabled the VCT to have 2 fires between the four of them on the straight before Duffield. I am told that this area can now be swept of logs at the next available opportunity.

The LMSCA continued working on the BSK kitchen and things really changed today. The special white faced melamine panels have started to go up in the kitchen-to-be and some buff undercoat has been going on to the wall panels. Things should really start to change in the next few days as they work to complete the wall paneling in the kitchen area. The photographs show the progress.

The Booking Office tried to cram in as many tasks as possible today as we head in to 10 days straight of passenger trains. Don't forget we also have the circus Saturday, Sunday and Monday at Wirksworth as well. 

Tomorrow we also expect a delivery of another Battery Locomotive so can I ask as many as possible to park over on the ballast dock, leaving some room in the main car park. Last week it got very tight indeed and we need to leave some space for our customers.