Monday, 2 March 2015

Progress Monday 2nd March 2015

Dear all,

Hail and snowy showers today but largely sunny. The VCT worked near MP134. Five men had one decent sized fire and managed to fix and tension another 100m of anti-sheep fencing. Also on the line side, the flail worked from Platform 3 at Ravenstor up the incline a little.

I suppose the main item on the agenda today was the new retaining wall to be constructed along the edged bank of the bottom car park at Wirksworth. The retaining wall there at the moment really is on its last legs and so contractors have started the process of rebuilding it with new stone today. The process involves several items of machinery operating in the area as they dig new foundations and bring materials in to site. This work is expected to take two weeks and during this time the bottom car park will be unavailable to all staff and customers unless by prior arrangement with the Responsible Officer on the day. Additional parking is available up on the dock. It is important to keep the middle gate closed and locked during this time for safety reasons too. Unfortunately, the museum, brake van, talking tunnel, narrow gauge and children's play area will all be unavailable.

In connection with the above work, David kindly braved the hail to disconnect the power supply in the location cabinet. The cabinet will have to be moved as part of the process to rebuild this wall.

The LMSCA continued working on the BSK project. They have been gradually blasting off the old paint from the woodwork and cage so that there is a fresh base for kitchen construction.