Monday, 16 March 2015

Progress Monday 16th March 2015

Dear all,

Tomorrow sees the final Winter Timetable today for this part of the season and today was spent preparing for the day. Our schools officer popped in and prepared for a school party who are in tomorrow learning about the railway and local area history.

Down the line, the VCT enjoyed 2 fires at MP134 brought about by 5 men.

The LMSCA continued work in the Brake Smith Korridor to bring it up to on train catering specification. One thing that strikes you when you see the original boards stripped of paint is that British Railways used quality components. The wood is over 50 years old and is still fantastic. The cage arrangement in the foreground is to become the bulkhead wall for the kitchen area. Tomorrow the team will start a clean down ready for some paint to be applied.

Contractors continued working on the new wall, and they were out in force today. It is really starting to take shape now finally. We welcome the new training outit to Wirksworth for a quick look round too.

The Booking Office took quite a healthy party booking as well as dealing with other things.

Bye for now.