Friday, 20 March 2015

Progress Friday 20th March 2015

Dear all,

A whirlwind of activity today at Wirksworth with several customers and contractors on site as well as the team setting up for the Mixed Traction Weekend coming up.

Firstly, a variety of large road vehicles came seemingly in convoy. We had the main steelwork for the overhead masts come along, followed shortly afterwards by an articulated lorry for next week's test customer. Then the test machines for next week themselves rolled up (known as an 'Ironmen') and had to be constructed from their component parts on the track. The wall contractors tidied up a bit as they're now having to take a small rest until after the Easter holidays. 

R&R Motors took an urgent look at the road/rail Land Rover as it had decided it wasn't coming out to play. Turned out to be a crack in one of the injector pipes for the engine and was swiftly rectified so that it is ready for service also with the test customer next week.

The team then got together a three car DMU to be used as hauled stock for the coming weekend. Normally we'd use the Mark 1 coaches but these are out of service whilst the kitchen work is carried out. This work did continue today with more priming. They then proceeded to fuel up the single cars which are in multiple still ready for Tuesday. The Class 31 was run up and moved onto the stock for tomorrow and a vacuum test was carried out. In amongst all of this, the two car which was berthed in Platform 3 was moved out of the way both for steam services this weekend and also for the testing next week, and EVRA's SK was put back where it belongs after vacuum cylinder work earlier in the week.

Team Tannery, somewhat depleted today, continued working on the new Booking Office. After a conflab this morning about where the front desks were going to be, they went on to fixing in the partition wall.

The Booking Office continued to deal with lots of enquiries and also took delivery of a 5 CD box set of 1950s tunes for a certain week coming up in June. The buffet had some interior paintwork touched up.

Think I've got it all. My thanks go to all of those who put in extra hours today to ensure that everything is ready for the weekend and testing next week.

I haven't got a photo from today but I did receive a lovely image from a lady called Iris, aged 80, who had her photograph taken in the driving seat of her namesake on Mother's Day.