Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Progress Wednesday 11th February 2015

Dear all,

Still a chilly day for half term trains but passenger numbers weren't too bad for the time of year. The Permanent Way Fast Action Response Team dispatched themselves by rail this morning to MP137 to replace the cracked fishplate that Mick reported on yesterday. 24 hour emergency response it says here, oh sorry, they'll do it within 24 hours! They then set about routine tasks including greasing slide chairs in the yard.

I suppose the big news of the day is that we welcomed the arrival of the first battery locomotive from Clayton's in Burton-on-Trent. The locomotive's were originally built by Schoma and had a diesel engine in them but now they have been converted to work via third rail and on battery power. The locomotives are to be put to work on the London Underground network and will be most useful during possessions when the live rails have to be switched off. It was remarked that two years of design and build effort had gone into the conversion but until the locomotive actually worked in the yard this afternoon, they had no idea it was actually going to work! This is why it has come to be put through it's paces. Martin will send out a Supplement later with some photographs.

The LMSCA continued the fitment of the water tank to the BSK.

Not a bad day if a tad chilly. More trains tomorrow if you fancy a ride and a bite to eat in the Pullman.