Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Progress Tuesday Feb 10th 2015.

A not so delightful day with low cloud keeping the temp just above freezing.

P way have a compendium of tasks this week with the manufacture of new walk boards for turnouts P7 and P9

started, the spoil heap resulting from the re timbering of said turnouts loaded to the Rudd, full track patrol completed with the discovery of a broken fish plate at mp 137, a full set of crossing timbers sorted from our stock for the new turnout to shed road 3 and a start made on the new location for the diesel storage tanks.

LMSCA continued work on the BSK with the water tank frame work completed , work on the gangway on LMS BTK and woodwork on the LMS open.

Steam team continued with welding axle boxes, preparation for Henry Ellison's boiler ticket and further work refurbishing parts for Cathryn.

Booking office was open for business on our first day of the operating season along with the buffet both seeing a good level of business, indeed, one bloke arriving by train from London to inspect property in Wirksworth , and , having completed his business returned home the same way which goes to show that now, buying a train ticket at London St. Pancras to Wirksworth is nothing unusual.

DMU team seemed to be in the singular and busied himself with the units berthed in platform 3 and assisting p way with a spot of shunting.