Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Progress Tuesday 24th Feb 2015

Winter was with us again today with sleet, rain , freezing wind and a bit of sunshine to brighten our day.

P way made inroads clearing up the mass of material left over from recent relaying works in advance of track laying for the number 3 shed road.

Testing of LUL works loco continued with trips up the incline light engine and with the class 31 hooked up as a stand in for a test load. Further brake tests were carried out later in the day all ably supervised by Mike and Rob.

LMSCA  again on site making further progress with the interior of the BSK with other members of the team working on the LMS rake.

Steam team had a visit from the boiler inspector to assess Henry Ellison's boiler as part of it's 12 month ticket. Yet more welding and machining of axle boxes took place.

Both booking hall and buffet were open for business with operating staff reporting reasonable levels of passengers considering the weather.

Passenger services kept themselves busy with further alterations to their new cave.

Cheery bye